IPS-7100 Evaluation Kit

Get ready for unparalleled accuracy in air quality measurements with the IPS-7100 Evaluation Kit

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Whether you are an expert on air quality or just getting started our IPS-7100 Evaluation Kit allows you to quickly and affordably answer the question What’s in your Air? This evaluation kit has everything you need to quickly evaluate the accuracy, range, and performance of the world’s most accurate particulate sensors, the IPS family of sensors.


Kit contents:

  • IPS-7100 sensor
  • UART-to-USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • SenseiAQ software


Evaluating the IPS sensors is quick and easy – simply plug the sensor into your PC or Mac with the supplied cable, power up your SenseiAQ software, and start taking air quality measurements instantly and in real-time. SenseiAQ real-time dashboard gives you simple and intuitive readouts of your air quality and can also log all the data, locally or in the cloud, for additional analytics and advanced analysis.

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