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File Description File size
pdf IPS Datasheet V1.3.8 IPS Family specifications
836 KB
pdf eval_guide_2.1 Guides you through evaluating, comparing your IPS or Canāree device vs pollutants and other devices
306 KB
pdf Product Performance Evaluation Guide V3 Detailed description of sensors and how to evaluate them in a laboratory environment
379 KB
pdf Canaree OTA QSG 296 KB
pdf IPS-7100 QSG_V2.0 273 KB
pdf Piera-UART-Reference-Guide 577 KB
pdf Piera-I2C-Reference-Guide 781 KB
pdf senseiaq_interpreting_data_v1.2 439 KB
pdf Canaree-R-Series-Configuration-Guide-1.3.0.docx 6 MB
pdf Canaree-R-Series-QSG.pptx 812 KB
pdf Canaree-I-Series-Install-Guide 2 MB
pdf Canaree-I-Series-QSG 901 KB
pdf Canaree-A-Series-QSG_V1912 2 MB
pdf Canaree-I-Series-QSG-V1912 1 MB
pdf Canaree-I-Series-FullGuide-V192.pptx 2 MB
pdf Canaree Datasheet V1.9.13.docx 2 MB
pdf Canaree R-Series Datasheet V1.1.docx 382 KB
pdf SenseiAQ Documentation V2.0.docx 1 MB
pdf Canaree-Aruba-InstallGuide 2 MB
pdf Canaree-Aruba-QSG1.0 1 MB
pdf eval_guide_2.0 308 KB
pdf SenseiAQ _Datasheet V2.0 308 KB
pdf Canaree-Technical-FAQ-v3 2 MB